Growing brand awareness through a consistent application of a distinct brand element.
A fast growing business and a constantly evolving product led to a series of uneven revisions to the Mobify brand.
Mobify’s product pivoted from point solutions to a SaaS platform and new components are continuously being implemented. The brand style needs to be flexible enough to respond to changes without being reinvented at every pivot. I completed an internal brand audit and competitor analysis.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Competitor analysis

Hexagons, lots and lots of hexagons! It was a blast to implement this one consistent element across the entire brand. The use of hexagons connected all the disparate design outputs into a visually interesting and cohesive brand.
Mobify moved into a new space and we got to name and then brand the meeting rooms. After literally everyone in the company had their say we settled on naming the rooms after moons and planets. I pulled in some of the designers on the UX team and we had a blast brainstorming and designing icons for the meeting room doors,
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